Photographs on the use of body language in sales

By | November 17, 2021

What is nonverbal communication? Non-verbal communication is communication without spoken language, also called ” body language “, which is very important in sales negotiations.

Photographs on the use of body language in sales

In sales negotiations, 55% of the message is conveyed through body language and non-verbal communication, 38% of the message is conveyed through tone of voice and only 7% of the message is conveyed through speech.

In other words, body language is the most important means of conveying the main message, especially in sales negotiations. Follow us to learn more about body language photophones in sales.

1. Walk firmly and confidently.

Attention to body language is essential even when walking. You should raise your head and chin and walk upright while looking straight ahead. Try to take a deep breath and also walk so that your shoulders, as well as your spine, are in a straight line.

Another is to walk with strength and confidence and accelerate your foot as if you are somewhere and you have to see people. Your body language as a whole should show that you are a busy, active, confident, and influential person.

use of body language in sales

2. Give a firm and complete hand.

When you meet someone, you should shake hands powerfully, completely, and firmly. This initial move determines to some extent the success or failure of the negotiator. When you shake hands with someone, the other person can guess and read your personality based on how you shake hands.

If you lose strong, as opposite sides negotiate acceptably will come and he will be willing to buy the product or service more. Negotiators who shake hands carelessly or who shake hands only halfway with their fingers have a negative personality trait.

3. Be effective in the first encounter.

When you arrive at the negotiation session, extend your hand to shake hands and greet while looking directly into the other person’s eyes. This attitude in the first meeting is like the first blow in a football game. If this approach is done properly, you can figure out the outcome of the game so that you have a successful sale.

4. Sit flat on the other side of the negotiation.

The way you sit in sales negotiations may influence the outcome of the negotiation. When attending a negotiation session, always sit straight in front of the other person. You should never leave the back of the chair because this way of sitting is a sign of carelessness and insinuates to the other side that you do not attach much importance to the purpose of negotiation.

Photographs on the use of body language

Instead, sit up straight and lean forward slightly. You need to be physically and emotionally alert during the negotiation, just like a runner waiting behind the starting line to hear the start of a race.

The body language of sales negotiators can affect the negotiating parties. If you sit straight and slightly forward and are aware of your surroundings, you will make the other party more interested in the negotiation process. In this way, he listens to your conversations with double attention and puts so-called much more in the negotiation.

In fact, the other person will subconsciously think that what you are saying is important and worthwhile. But if you skip the sales negotiation and, as the saying goes, go carefree, your audience’s attention span will be reduced.

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