Anthemion Jutoh 3.13.5 Portable

By | December 26, 2021

Anthemion Jutoh 3.13.5 Portable makes it handy to create ebooks in popular codecs that you can sell on many e-book sites. Create your project in seconds from present files the usage of the New Project Wizard; or create your book from scratch the use of the built-in styled text editor. Select an ebook cover diagram from Jutoh’s template, or create your own cowl design with the built-in cowl editor.

Anthemion Jutoh 3.13.5 Portable Benefits:

  • Speed
  • Fast to import your existing content, whether or not in the text, HTML, or OpenDocument.
  • Also, Fast to create your Epub, Mobipocket, or another format.
  • Fast to edit content material and switch between editions of your ebooks.
  • Jutoh is written in C++ so runs at the top pace – no frustrating delays.

Multi-platform design

Jutoh runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and a number of other Unix-based systems, and you can effortlessly copy your documents between machines of different kinds. One license can be used on more than one operating structure simultaneously; and the rest is certain that if you buy a distinctive kind of laptop or laptop, you don’t have to leave your way of working in the back of and buy new software.

Create e-book variations rapidly

Thanks to Jutoh’s configurations, you can describe variations between versions of your e-book – a different cover, a unique title page, different formatting – all except needing separate projects. Just pick a different configuration and click on Compile. This is invaluable when you are distributing ebooks with the use of different websites with slightly exceptional requirements.

Ebook checking gives you confidence

Jutoh installs Adobe’s EpubCheck and EpubPreflight checker programs, so you can without problems check your Epub e-book for internal blunders or problems that would possibly arise with precise readers.

Store related material

Jutoh lets you save text, pictures, and web notes collectively with the book content. So if you’re writing or enhancing your ebook inside Jutoh, you can easily refer to your notes or save text that doesn’t but has a place.

What’s NEW:

Added Discard empty paragraphs option to the New Project dialog superior options, and made it work for plain textual content files.
Made it possible to have more than one print configuration with different paper sizes with the aid of specifying (custom) in the page fashion but leaving the paper dimension values empty. The configuration paper size will be used. This capability that you can still specify a sketch (e.g. Right only) in the page fashion without having to specify the paper size.
ODT export now efficaciously writes any images inside page fashion headers and footers.
Corrected an ODT import problem with horizontal rule border properties.
In addition, Corrected an ODT import hassle where references comprise a hex encoding for the pipe character rather than the pipe character itself, main to unresolved links.
Corrected ODT annotation output which formerly marked the rest of the file in blue.
Reduced the initial peak of the Formatting Cleanup dialog, which was excessively large.
Added the command Storyboard | Filter Rows to permit only chosen rows to be viewed.
Fixed a computer virus rendering bullets inside a box.
Fixed mistaken indentation when applying bullets to an indented paragraph.
Also, Fixed a malicious program outputting tables to ODT: the option to eliminate tables from boxes may want to cause a crash.
Fixed a crash when processing a non-breaking hyphen field.
Fixed a crash in the Storyboard from pasting textual content as a new card.
Improved sorting in the Organizer’s Favourites tab.
Correcting spelling in automatic spellcheck mode now updates different open documents.

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